Moore’s Law And The 30-Year Rule

by Paul Johnson
Collaboration Quest Partner and Uncommon Union Co-Founder

...Citations of Moore’s Law are growing exponentially. In fact the number of articles with some mention of the law, which has come to mean computing capacity doubles every 10 months, are accelerating... We need to shoot for nothing less than a collaborative golden age, rather than a 10-month flip...

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How To Achieve Success Bigger Than You Are

by Elizabeth Brown
Uncommon Union Co-Founder

... If you want it done right, you’ve got to do it yourself. That’s why entrepreneurs struggle with delegating important responsibilities — too much is at stake, especially when starting something new. There is no room for error. Nonetheless, a resilient, mature organization incorporates many talents in meeting goals everyone cares about ...

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Connecting to Nigeria for Giving Tuesday

by Hugh Jackman
Academy Award Nominated Actor

...A social network designed to facilitate improvement projects around the world, Good Mind Hunting's Collaboration Quest is helping to bring the expertise of universities, students, subject matter experts, public and private sector professionals together...

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The Growth of The Collaborative Movement

by Joey Adler
CEO, Diesel Canada, Founder, OneXOne, Co-Founder, Industrial Revolution II

... As I began to speak to others about the exciting collaborative opportunities in social entrepreneurship, I discovered an in-development platform called "Collaboration Quests," which is designed to allow social entrepreneurs to share ideas and form partnerships. Slowly, entrepreneurs, investors, consumers and workers are beginning to find each other, and I have been delighted to discover that many people share my hope and enthusiasm...

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Why Higher Education Should Not Compromise About Collaboration

by Cameron MacLeod
Chief Collaboration Office, Good Mind Hunting

... Given that the internet is full of collaboration-friendly tools, indeed the internet itself might be considered one, I assumed it should be easy to find a perfect fit for any organization. It's not. In fact, mature options reflect extremely narrow business or consumer use cases ...

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For Entrepreneurs in Developing Countries to Succeed, They Need This

by Elizabeth Schaeffer Brown
Uncommon Union Co-Founder

...Good Mind Hunting -- the company behind Collaboration Quests, a platform for facilitating global improvement opportunities -- sees the social-networking platform as an incredible -- and largely squandered -- problem-solving machine which can unite sustainable businesses, subject matter experts, and consumers. They see no reason why a model created for young people to rapidly connect to wider networks of friends cannot also function to connect entrepreneurs in developing countries. With the right framework, incentives, and real time mechanisms, even casual connections can have a dramatic impact...

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